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When you obtain a vendor pass, you are affirming your comprehension of and consent to the following terms:


1.) Mitten Vintage does not provide refunds for vendor passes. In the event of a postponement due to weather or any unforeseen circumstance, vendors will be issued a holdover pass valid for another Mitten Vintage Market event of their preference. If a vendor chooses not to participate in an event, with or without prior notice, they acknowledge that they

are relinquishing their pass for that specific event.

2.) You bear full and exclusive responsibility for your merchandise and equipment, including your tent. Neither Mitten Vintage nor the hosting venue accept liability for any damage or theft, regardless of the circumstances, occurring during or after event hours to any vendor property, even in adverse weather conditions.

3.) Vendor events present opportunities but do not guarantee specific outcomes. Mitten Vintage cannot forecast or assure event attendance, financial gains for vendors, or any other market-related results.

For more details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, we strongly encourage you to visit our vendor FAQ Page.


By purchasing your vendor pass, you are endorsing our policies.

Mitten Vintage does NOT require a vendor application. If you are a vintage, handmade, curated, boutique, or artisan vendor, you are welcome to acquire your pass. The purchase of a pass confirms your reservation for this event. Immediate confirmation of your purchase will be provided, and you will receive load-in instructions, a vendor map, and additional details in advance of the event.

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